What make us unique

Biapy Help Desk publish howtos designed to ease system administration of a web server. This site is a very limited rewriting of the outdated howto.biapy.com. It will replace it in the future.


Our howtos are automated. One the settings are provided, everything else is automatic and should provide you quickly with a working system.

Designed for copy/pasting

Our howtos are designed to be used by copy/pasting lines of shell code in your terminal. No configuration file edition needed.

Time saving

Our howtos and associated tools are saving your time. We provide free and open source scripts to manage quickly Apache 2, NGINX, MySQL/MariaDB configuration.

Latest Howtos

Install Rootkit Hunter (rkhunter) on Debian

Rootkit Hunter is, as its name describe, a rootkits detection tool. It can detect if a system has been compromised. It is a required tool for checking a system health. This guide describe how to configure rkhunter on Debian.

Block DFind vulnerability scanner using IPtables

DFind is the vulnerability scanner generating the "w00tw00t.at.ISC.SANS.DFind" HTTP requests found in Web servers logs. This guide setup some iptables rules blocking these requests. A better method is to use fail2ban to block the sources of these requests.

Secure /tmp folder on Debian

The /tmp folder can be used to compromise the system security. A simple way to prevent this issue is to prevent the execution of scripts stored in this path. This guide describe how to do this.

Install NGINX on Debian

NGINX is a high performance HTTP server allowing for load balancing. It allow to serve a great number of visitors while using less CPU and RAM than Apache2.

Install sf-downloader on Debian

sf-downloader is a script created to ease the download of software's latest versions (from sourceforge.net initially). It find the correct download link for the software, and then download it and, if needed, extract it. This guide describe its installation on Debian.

Install biapy-updater on Debian

biapy-updater is a Bash script designed to automate keep up-to-date tools provided by this site. It is a wrapper around wget to only replace the checked tool if a newest version is available. This guide describe how to install it on Debian.